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La historia de los testigos de Jehová en Berlín

Una visita guiada por Berlín. Encontraremos el nombre divino escrito en edificios y aprenderemos cómo los testigos de Jehová enfrentaron la persecución de los nazis (1933 - 1955) y más tarde de los comunistas

Campo de concentración de Sachsenhausen

A una hora de distancia de Berlín se encuentra el antiguo campo de concentración de Sachsenhausen. Cientos de testigos de Jehová fueron maltratados en este campo de concentración pero se mantenían fieles

Todo lo que tienen que ver en Berlín

Puerta de Brandeburgo, el muro de Berlín, la torre de televisión, el parque Tiergarten, el Monumento al Holocausto, la Isla de los Museos, el Barrio de Nikolai, Unter den Linden, Potsdamer Platz, etc.

Los tours especiales

El tour de las comidas, El tour de las películas
El tour de la música, El tour de los grafitis
y más …
o una mezcla de todo…

¿Cuánto dura un tour?

¿Cuánto tiempo tienen? ¿Cuatro horas o cinco días? Cuanto más quieren ver, más tiempo necesitaremos. Pero por lo menos nesecitan un día entero para un tour "normal".

How much I have to pay?

My tours are donation based. So you decide. And you need some money for public transport, Museum, Food etc.

Could you please help to organize my trip?

Yes, I´m happy to do this! Write me an email and I will answer all questions you have.

But when you already visit Berlin...

you should also visit Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Egypt and Israel of course! If you search for a tour guide in these cities, please contact my friends, who are great tour guides!



David & Desiree
Haifa, Israel
Co-Creators, Producers

We've long had a passion for not just deep Bible research, but also travel, writing, adventure, culture and food. So in each episode, we try and make sure the audience is firstly entertained and engaged and feel like they are here with us! And if you learn something...even better! We work hard to keep the research and perspectives unique, so you are guaranteed to hear some new perspectives and see the Bible lands in a way you never imagined.


Who among you, have ever dreamed of retracing the footsteps of Paul in Rome or discovering the millions of secrets of the Eternal City. We will be proud to show you the highlights of Rome. If you do not find what you are searching for, among the 6 tours offered, ask for a personalized tour with the things you would love to see. We are happy to tell you that we are a local team of Jehovah's Witnesses, fully licensed as required by the Italian government. This is not our hobby! We can guide people inside every museum or archeological site!


Hi dear friends, we are Jerome and Judith van den Heuvel and we live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

If you need an experienced tour guide to show you around in Amsterdam, contact us!


Hello and Welcome to Our Corner of the 7 Wonders of the World!

I‘m Karim, and I am a local, born and raised Egyptian from Cairo (with no current discovery of relation to the Pharaohs, yet!). I majored in Electrical Engineering, but found I loved working with people so much more. I‘ve traveled abroad quite a bit, which gave me a better understanding of what foreigners needs and wants are when visiting a country.


Hi there, we’re Antoine & Kanicia! Welcome to Go Explore Tours!

We started Go Explore Tours to share that passion with you. We love to travel and we hope you do too. We do tours in a new city each month completely live over Zoom and we look forward to you joining us. Let’s go explore together! We’re sure that we’ll have a blast and create memories that you’ll cherish.


Virtual Tours in Danish, English, French, translation into Portuguese and Spanish.

One tour so far: “They Knew the Name” focussing on the Divine name at Frederiksborg Castle around 1600s and up to 1900s by Elisabeth Kristensen, Ole Andreasen and Dennis Andersen.

You offer tours in your city?

Please contact me and I will promote you here for free :) That´s what friends do!

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