Do you want to follow the steps of 230 Jehovah´s Witnesses and see what they saw?

Wiola and I will follow the steps of the 230 Jehovah´s Witnesses on the Death March from the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. We will start Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, and walk for eight days. 

I will arrange the hotels and everything else needed for this in-person tour. We will stay one night at the memorial of the forest Below. In the end, you can stay in the northern part of Germany or come back with me to Berlin by train. The price is per person for the overnight stay, food, stop at the memorial, and the train back to Berlin, excluding a donation. The price is only an approximate indication. It gets smaller the bigger the group is (maximum ten persons) or higher if you have some special wishes or needs. If you´re interested, email me, and we will zoom together and organize this unique tour!

The registration deadline is February 15th, 2023

8 days

$800 /  person + donation

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